Types of Memory Card

There are numerous types of memory cards in use today, the most used memory cards today are the SD (Secure Digital) range of cards but even these can be really confusing to choose when they are not something you purchase regularly, if the device you need the card for is old or second hand without the original manufactures instruction sheet and specification it is possible to become easily confused.

The safest method to purchase a card is to try before you buy, unfortunately as most well known makes of card are supplied in sealed retail packaging most shops are reluctant to allow this, also as the best prices are now normally achieved by online purchase this option is not possible and once the sealed packaging has been opened return can be problematic. Let's look at some common examples.


Types of Memory Card: The SD Card standard

Introduced in 1999 SD cards were far superior to the existing MMC cards and many MMC (MultiMediaCard) devises were fully combatable with the new cards, the correct designation for these original SD cards is SDSC (Secure Digital Standard Capacity). Click here to learn about SD memory cards.


Types of Memory Card: The Micro SD Card standard

The most popular memory cards today for mobile phones and other small devices is the MicroSD Card. The MicroSD card is effectively just a SD card in a reduced package, it is not actually the size of the card that has made it so popular with manufacturers but rather the reduced size of the socket in the device. Click here to learn about microSD memory cards.


Types of Memory Card: The CF Card standard

CF (CompactFlash) memory cards were introduced by SanDisk in 1994, they tend to normally represent the state of the art for speed and size at their time of introduction and are therefore often the first choice for top end devices, Top end technology comes at a price which has lead to the SD card dominating the consumer end of the market. Click here to learn about CompactFlash memory cards.

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