Memory Cards for Electronic Games

Electronic games are enjoyed by kids of all ages from old favourites such as the Nintendo Gamecube, the Xbox and the amazing Wii which uses SD or SDHC memory cards up to 4 GB. Video game consoles use memory cards to hold saved games data. Memory cards for electronic games come in sizes of 4 MB to 64 MB. Some game consoles even  have space to run two memory cards at once for multiplayer games.


Memory Cards for Electronic Games: What is Backward Compatibility?
As products such as Electronic Games improve their specifications from one generation to the next, there are compatibility issues to consider. Devices that only accept the original SD (Secure Digital) card format will not be compatible with SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) or SDXC (Secure Digital ‘Xtra Capacity’) memory cards. However, both SDHC and SDXC memory cards are backwards compatible, enabling them to read previous format cards. A device like a Electronic Games is backwards compatible if products designed for the new standard can receive, read, view or play older or less powerful standards and formats.

  • SD devices can only use SD memory cards - SD capacities range from 128MB to 2GB
  • SDHC devices can use both SD memory cards and SDHC memory cards - SDHC capacities range from 4GB to 32GB
  • SDXC devices can use SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards and SDXC memory cards - SDXC capacities range from 64GB to 2TB

Memory Cards for Electronic Games - Which type of Memory Card is right for your Electronic Games?
Which type of Memory Card is right for your Electronic Game? Before buying a memory card make sure it is compatible with your game. All you really need to consider are 3 questions before you buy. How much storage capacity do you need? What speed do you need? What kind of memory card does your Electronic Game use? To find out what memory card you need check information from the manufacturer, your user manual or for a logo on the device. Or have a glance at our Electronic Games compatibility list.

Memory Cards for Electronic Games - Compatibility List
Check our Electronic Games compatibility list for details of your device.

Memory Cards for Electronic Games - Compatibility List

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