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Memory cards bring our gadgets and devices to life, enabling us to store our photos, videos and music easily without taking up loads of space. In this wonderful age we all own many digital devices such as cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players, camcorders, GPS Units, PC's, tablets, laptops and electronic games. The Magic of the Memory Card provides storage for all the data we have captured and collected. Digital Memory is like chocolate - you can't get enough of it!

Our Mission Statement is:
"VFM is dedicated to providing safe and reliable value-for-money memory cards enabling our customers to safeguard their happy memories".

Our Vision for the future is:
"To grow and expand the range of VFM memory cards to suit the new and innovative devices of the future".

Which type of Memory Card is right for you?
One of the more confusing things is working out what kind of memory card you need for each of your gadgets and devices. There are so many types, sizes, speeds and capacities available - so which memory card is right for you? VFM are here to help. Our Memory Card Questions section cuts the jargon and provides answers and easy explanations of the technical stuff such as the differences between SD, SDHC, MicroSD cards, CF Compact Flash, the memory card class rating system and class meaning, the capacity and the read and write speed of memory cards. Let your hardware determine the size of memory card you buy. Before buying a memory card, make sure it is supported by your device. All you really need to consider are three questions. What kind of memory card does your device use? How much storage capacity do you need? What speed do you need?

Memory Card Buying Guide - Compatibility Lists
Get the right kind of card for your device, buy more memory and a faster card than you think you need. Check your user manual or refer to manufacturer information on your device to make sure you know exactly what type of card your device uses before you buy memory. Lost the instructions? Our memory card buying guide details unique compatibility lists providing the best memory cards for popular devices and gadgets at a glance.


VFM Memory Cards for Camcorders
Strictly speaking a camcorder is any video camera with an inbuilt recording capability, however when we use the term today we tend to think of a small and light weight camera that can be used single handed. Most such cameras are now using SDHC cards as their storage media, the use of magnetic and optical memory having almost disappeared. Check out our Camcorder compatibility list if you are not sure what memory card you need for your camcorder.


VFM Memory Cards for Digital Cameras
Modern fixed lens digital cameras predominantly use SDHC flash memory cards, there have been a few manufacturers that have created their own design of memory cards, the most notable of these being Sony. Some early digital cameras used MMC or Compact Flash Cards but these older cameras were of very limited pixel count and are very rarely encountered in use today.
Check your devices for the recommended memory cards or our Digital Camera compatibility list.


VFM Memory Cards for Digital Sound Recorders

Professional hand held digital sound recorders storage media has evolved from magnetic tape and optical disks to SD flash memory cards, the size and power consumption of these solid state cards are ideally suited to such devises. Cheaper dictaphone devices have replaced their micro cassettes in favour of SD and MicroSD memory cards for the same reason. Refer to the Digital Sound Recorder compatibility list for details of the best and most suitable cards to use when recording voice, playing music and storing data.


VFM Memory Cards for Digital DSLR Cameras

Early digital DSLR cameras mainly utilised Compact Flash memory cards, today however most use SDHC flash media for economy. Exceptions still using Compact Flash cards are only found at the very top end of the professional camera range. A few cameras, such as Nikon's recent D8000 camera, have the capability to take both types of memory card at the same time. Check your DSLR camera for the recommended memory cards or our Digital SLR Camera compatibility list.


VFM Memory Cards for Electronic Games

Once electronic games made the transition from custom plug in solid state pre-loaded memory modules (as used on the original legendary Atari consoles) to optical media, it seemed unlikely they would go back to memory cards but the replacement of ROM memory technology with fast high capacity flash memory has resulted in many games machines now being designed to utilise pre-programmed SD cards, this is true of both handheld and non handheld devices. Check your electronic game for the recommended memory cards or our Electronic Game compatibility list.


VFM Memory Cards for Mobile Phones

Some of the most popular mobile phones, such as those produced by Apple, have a predetermined memory capacity with no facility to fit external memory to expand their data storage capacity, however, most other manufacturers now include a microSD card socket to provide data capacity flexibility to the end user while maintaining a lower initial purchase cost. Check your mobile phone for the recommended memory cards or our Mobile Phone compatibility list.


VFM Memory Cards for MP3 Players

MP3 music players incorporated in to other devices, such as in car sound systems, are normally designed to use SDHC flash memory cards. Portable personal MP3 music players either use built in memory or a removable media, predominantly these are SD or MicroSD flash memory cards. Check your MP3 player for the recommended memory cards or check our MP3 Player compatibility list.


VFM Memory Cards for Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames have become readily available over the last decade, the removable memory media used with these devises is predominately the SD card, if purchasing a card for one of these devises, a low capacity and class SD card is all that is normally required, there is little sense in paying a premium price for a large or fast card. (a 4GB class 4 SDHC card will normally suffice). Check your digital photo frame for the recommended memory cards or our Digital Photo Frame compatibility list.


VFM Memory Cards for GPS Satellite Navigation systems

Satellite navigation systems such as Garmin or Tomtom have completely revolutionised car journeys with preloaded maps and ideas for places of interest - travelling to new destinations has never been easier. Portable GPS devices use their internal memory or SD cards to store data and information. If your Sat Nav device has a memory card slot, you may need to buy a memory card to store your maps. Check your Sat Nav device for the recommended memory cards or our GPS Satellite Navigation system compatibility list.


VFM Memory Cards for Video Cameras

A video camera is used to capture an electronic motion picture. Professional and semi-professional video cameras use a variety of SD Cards or Compact Flash CF cards. The correct choice of memory card for Video Cameras is very important and reading the cameras user manual before purchase is highly recommended. When SD memory cards are purchased for Video cameras, special attention should be placed on the class of card purchased. Check your Video camera for the recommended memory cards or our Video Camera compatibility list.


VFM Memory Cards for Personal Computers

A memory card reader is a device that is used to read, copy backup data from flash memory cards, such as a SD Card and MicroSD, and transfers their contents to your personal computer. Some personal computers and printers have a built-in memory card reader. Check your memory card reader for the recommended memory cards or our Personal Computer compatibility list.Memory Cards for Computers


VFM Memory Cards for Laptop Computers

It has become common practice to include an SD socket on modern laptop or notebook computers to easily transfer data from other devices. Some manufacturers of laptops, such as Sony, include a socket for there own proprietary flash cards. Check your laptop or notepad for the recommended memory cards or our Laptop Computer compatibility list.


VFM Memory Cards for Tablets

Some popular tablets such as the Apple iPad or the Kindle Fire have no facility to allow external flash memory cards to be added but other top brand tablets, like the Android tablet PCs come with an SD memory card slot, which can be used to transfer files and expand your available storage. Check your tablet for the recommended memory cards or our Tablet compatibility list.


Types of Memory Cards
There are numerous Types of Memory Cards for sale, but the SD (Secure Digital) range of cards are the most popular especially for the modern point and click digital cameras and the Micro SD cards for mobile phones. 

1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Memory Cards
VFM supply 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB memory cards. Original SD cards (Secure Digital) only went up to 2GB so SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) memory was developed with a maximum capacity of 32GB increasing to 64GB of storage.

SDXC Memory Cards
Higher capacity and faster processing speeds were soon required so the SDXC (Secure Digital ‘Xtra Capacity’) was developed with a storage capacity from 64GB to 2TB (Terabytes).

Micro SD Memory Cards
Micro SD memory cards were initially developed as physically smaller cards for storing images up to 2GB on mobile phones - 80% smaller than regular SD memory cards. The Micro SDHC high capacity version soon followed providing the ability to store much larger files from 4GB to 32GB and their use was extended to GPS systems and MP3 music players.

Ultra High Speed (UHS)
Ultra High Speed (UHS) bus design for SDHC and SDXC cards was added to increase the performance of SDHC and SDXC cards.

CompactFlash (CF) Memory Cards
VFM also supply CompactFlash (CF) cards. CompactFlash cards were developed primarily for advanced DSLR cameras (Digital Single-Lens Reflex aka digital SLR), but also for professional high definiton (HD) video cameras, to provide faster processing times with even higher storage capacities with a large 128GB maximum storage capacity.

Speed Rating - Class 2, Class 4, Class 6 or Class 10 on SD Cards
The class is the speed rating which measures maximum transfer speed for reading and writing images to and from a memory card, expressed as megabyte (MB) per second. Memory cards specify Class 2 (slowest), Class 4, Class 6 or Class 10 (fastest) on SD Cards. The 'Read time' indicates the transfer of data into memory . The 'Write time' indicates the moment data is entered for storage into the device to the time it is actually stored. If your device asks for a minimum Class 4 memory card you can use Class 4 or above without any problems. If your device requires a Class 6 card you can use a Class 6 or a Class 10 card in most gadgets. A device requiring a Class 10 card needs the speed to enjoy the best performance.

Offers, Deals and Discounts for Bulk Purchases of Memory Cards to Offices and Business
Every office and business needs a good supply of memory cards to suit the new gadgets, emerging technology and devices of the modern world. We provide discounts, deals and offers on prices for bulk purchases to offices and businesses.

Bulk Discounts of Memory Cards to Teachers and Tutors
Kids as young as seven are now learning how to program computers. Schools all over the world are using small computers, such as the Raspberry Pi, to teach basic computer science and languages such as Scratch, Kids Ruby and BASIC to schoolchildren. Kids are being inspired to take up coding and have fun creating their own computer games and engaging in electronic projects which all are stored on SD Cards. We have cheap classroom offers and online bulk discounts on orders from tutors, teachers, schools and other educational establishments who are looking to buy SD Cards in bulk.

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